Unique tour around Mexico

"Central Mexico and Pacific Ocean"

A unique tour that combines a busy program, but at the same time, we will slowly enjoy every day

Tour Concept

This is more than just a tour around central Mexico. We made a unique itinerary with vineyards visits, agave fields, and tequila production, a hot air balloon flight over an ancient city, and horseback riding on a ranch that produces the best organic meat that will be served to us for lunch! We will stay in the best hotels and try a tasting menu in one of the Top-50 best restaurants in the world. And at the end of the route, we will have a rest on the Pacific coast.


We will stay in cozy boutique hotels and modern 4* and 5* hotels on this tour. At the end of the route, an All-Inclusive resort on the Pacific coast awaits us. We use the best Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Hyundai Starex cars with the air conditioning on the entire land route. Drivers are a separate pride of this trip; we personally chose each of them and had been cooperating for years, so it is impossible to doubt their professionalism.


On this tour, the gastronomic experience is one of the highlights. We will taste and taste and taste again both Mexican dishes and traditional drinks: we will visit the vineyards, the town where the most famous tequila factories are located, we will drink all the margaritas, we will try pulque, horchata, cantaritos and much more! We'll take a dining set at one of the Top-50 restaurants in the world and taste the best mole, dine in a cave, and enjoy lunch with stunning views of the best organic meat ranches. Street food will also not be left without our attention; we will have a whole mini-tour with tasting!


We will stop in 6 completely different but incredibly beautiful cities: Mexico City - a giant city; Guadalajara and Tequila - the cultural capital of Mexico, the birthplace of mariachi music and the world capital of tequila; San Miguel de Allende - a city that can be called a national monument of Mexico; Guanajuato (UNESCO) - here the very air of the city is saturated with the romance of past centuries. We will walk among the pyramids along the "Road of the Dead", and touch the pyramids of the Moon and the Sun. Explore the history of tequila at Mexico's largest and most beautiful distillery and discover why Jose Cuervo is the proud spokesman for tequila worldwide.


Mexico is a country that can surprise you. We will see the ritual dances of the Aztecs and Mayans, immerse ourselves in the life and work of the most famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, fly at dawn in a hot air balloon over the City of the Gods, get acquainted with the history of tequila in the largest and most beautiful distillery in Mexico and find out why José Cuervo is the proud representative tequila all over the world. We will ride horses at the ranch and then see the charreada, a colorful rodeo-like performance featuring skilled charro riders.


Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular resorts in the Pacific Ocean. We are waiting for a well-deserved rest at the All-Inclusive hotel. We will see off amazing sunsets, enjoy cocktails and swim in the clearest ocean. If you get bored, you can go to the uninhabited island of Marieta to see the secret beach formed as a result of military tests or enjoy countless water sports.

If you want to see another world - you definitely need to go to Mexico!
Cloth and shoes

T-shirts, shirts, light dresses (preferably natural materials like linen, cotton. Swimsuit. Headwear is a must!

Sandals, light sports shoes for archaeological areas.

Other things

Personal hygiene products, wet wipes, chargers, sunglasses, water bottle (be sure to carry with you to maintain water balance). Snorkeling equipment


Passport, money (and card), phone, medical insurance.


Sunblock, painkillers, personal medications.


Choose suitable dates or make a request for an individual tour

4 sits left out of 10
03.07.2023 - 14.07.2023
from $4750
6 sits left out of 10
07.08.2023 - 18.08.2023
from $4750
*if booked before 18.07.2023
10 sits left out of 10
21.08.2023 - 01.09.2023
from $4500
Believe you will come back!
Egor Grishkov

How lucky I was with the organization of the day off! I have been in the city of Playa del Carmen for 2 months, and during this time, I did not arrange mini-travels for myself. Anastasia was recommended to me - I applied immediately, and it was the right decision! After 2 days, I went to the island of Cozumel, where I felt an unforgettable feeling of freedom for the first time in my life, especially when I raced on a scooter along empty roads. Hot air mixed with a pleasant, cool breeze.

The first destination was a national reserve, where I rested on the cleanest beach with tricolor water and a complete absence of algae (and at that time, there were tons of algae on public beaches, and I even disdained to go into the water). Then I went for a walk along the lake where crocodiles live, but I did not dare to swim there. On the way back, I climbed the lighthouse, from which a great view of the entire island opened up; taking beautiful photos, I went to the next point: snorkeling; I saw shoals of fish and starfish while there were few people nearby!

I had dinner with a signature lobster burrito overlooking the sea, sat for a long time, and admired the sunset. I stocked up on spicy habanera sauces and happily sailed on the last ferry voyage, admiring the stars to the sound of live music. A lot of time has passed since that Saturday, and I often remember it with pleasure! Feel free to contact Anastasia - I am sure that she will make you an itinerary based on your needs. Remember that emotions are priceless!

Alexander Boldyshev
Well, what can I say… It was one of the brightest trips of my life!!! ☺️

Cancun - Mexico - Guadelajara - Tequila - Testla Guerres - San Cristopal - Coast with whales

Canyons, rivers, mountain Chiapas, agave fields and a tequila factory, lakes, cenotes, authentic settlements, hot air balloons, city ruins, Mayan pyramids, whales… 🤯

Anastasia, thank you so much for this adventure! For a unique individual tour, for working out the route, for maximum involvement and attention to every detail. This trip is something that will be remembered forever. You really managed to fall in love with this wonderful country in a few weeks and made me miss it after leaving. I will definitely be back!! Here are some photos from the trip as a keepsake 🙂

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