Weekend on Yucatan

DATES: Upon Request
Number of people: up to 6
About the tour
This is a little journey about enjoying the moment, self-love, and adventure. Don't expect boring historical facts and hackneyed tourist spots. Instead, exciting places, the beauty of nature, delicious food, the coolness of sacred cenotes, and a sense of freedom and harmony will be waiting for you.
  • City of Black Jaguar
  • Lunch with the Mayan family (3 courses + 1 dessert) in a traditional hut
  • Cenotes
  • Glamping
Day 1
  • We will travel to the City of the Black Jaguar and feel the energy of the ancient Mayan civilization. Let's climb the pyramid and imagine the city in its heyday.
  • An unusual experience awaits us for lunch. We will visit the Mayan family, who will cook a traditional cuisine for us according to old family recipes. Surrounded by nature, we will enjoy a 3-course lunch and 1 dessert together in a traditional hut.
  • In the evening, we will arrive at the glamping, have dinner and, if desired, spend the evening near the fire with a glass of wine and a movie or games.
Day 2
  • After breakfast, we will have a mini trip to the cenotes. Why a mini trip? Because we will get on the rails in a wagon drawn by a horse! We will swim in the cenotes, fresh ourselves up, and go get some lunch.
  • After lunch, we will walk around the city of Valladolid, try a delicious gelato, and return back to Playa del Carmen.

Arrival time approximately at 21:00

Emotions from the previous trip
  • Accommodation;
  • Transportation;
  • Breakfast; lunch with Mayan Family
  • Entrance tickets for all activities;
  • Drinking water.
Not included:
  • Lunch (day 2), dinners, drinks;
  • Other activities not included in the program;
  • Personal spendings.

We will experience every moment of the journey

and see the beauty in the details

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