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Book you experience and discover Mexico's hidden gems with our boutique tours, blending safety, exclusivity, and local insight. Guided by experts, our small-group adventures offer an immersive journey into authentic culture.

Travel Design Lab is an opportunity to go on a unique journey

Travel Design Lab is a laboratory of stylish travel, unique routes and memorable emotions.

Our goal is to show you all the colors of Mexico, its original culture, colonial architecture, authentic cuisine of different regions; diverse nature: from magnificent Caribbean beaches to mountains, canyons and deserts.

Mexico is the birthplace of the powerful Mayan, Aztec and Olmec civilizations, mariachi music, kind and open people, bright houses and picturesque streets. And we invite you to experience this amazing country with us!


Hello, dear travelers! My name is Anastasia. I am a passionate tour leader and the soul of Travel Design Lab. I come up with all the itineraries and bring them to life. You will meet me when you discuss the tour program, and I will accompany you on each of your trips. I will show you the most beautiful places and tell interesting stories. I will become your tour leader, translator, companion and friend!

Travel Design Lab is not a typical travel agency: we don’t offer packages and boring bus tours but we create immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary. We change the attitude towards tourism. We introduce you to the country through feelings and adventures. We invite you to embark on a journey like no other!

Emotions from the previous trips

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Why to join Travel Design Lab?
  • We craft incredible routes that we personally explore before presenting them to you, meticulously designing every detail.

  • Every tour of ours features a culinary journey woven seamlessly into the itinerary. We handpick all the restaurants, ensuring you savor the essence of local cuisine.

  • Our tours strike a harmonious balance between a authentic experiences and indulging in every moment. Explore numerous destinations while embracing the pleasure of every minute of the journey.


If you want to see the real Mexico, with all its colors, history, ancient culture, gastronomic diversity, and not stereotyped attractions, then I will be glad to see you on my tours!

If the dates do not suit you or you have an important event and you would like to travel as a couple, family or group of friends, I can prepare a custom tour for you.


    We will create your itinerary, give you the necessary recommendations for an unforgettable vacation, and offer the best activities.


    We will select the most comfortable boutique- hotels, haciendas or lodges depending on your preferences.


    We organize transfer and transportation where necessary.

    We will give important safety recommendations

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Previous reviews

Egor Grishkov

How lucky I was with the organization of the day off! I have been in the city of Playa del Carmen for 2 months, and during this time, I did not arrange mini-travels for myself. Anastasia was recommended to me - I applied immediately, and it was the right decision! After 2 days, I went to the island of Cozumel, where I felt an unforgettable feeling of freedom for the first time in my life, especially when I raced on a scooter along empty roads. Hot air mixed with a pleasant, cool breeze.

The first destination was a national reserve, where I rested on the cleanest beach with tricolor water and a complete absence of algae (and at that time, there were tons of algae on public beaches, and I even disdained to go into the water). Then I went for a walk along the lake where crocodiles live, but I did not dare to swim there. On the way back, I climbed the lighthouse, from which a great view of the entire island opened up; taking beautiful photos, I went to the next point: snorkeling; I saw shoals of fish and starfish while there were few people nearby!

I had dinner with a signature lobster burrito overlooking the sea, sat for a long time, and admired the sunset. I stocked up on spicy habanera sauces and happily sailed on the last ferry voyage, admiring the stars to the sound of live music. A lot of time has passed since that Saturday, and I often remember it with pleasure! Feel free to contact Anastasia - I am sure that she will make you an itinerary based on your needs. Remember that emotions are priceless!


I just want to send a quick note thanking you for organizing this amazing getaway. I truly enjoyed the private cenote experience, the glamping, the amazing Mayan dinner, and the personalized attention that you gave to all of us.

You did a phenomenal job making sure that everyone enjoyed their time on the trip. Though I know I will fondly remember the places we visited and how we visited them (the destinations and the journey), I’ll cherish most the people that accompanied me on this trip and the families and individuals I met while on the trip. I built some truly memorable friendships along the way and learned a lot from their experiences.

So thank you again for making this all happen and wish you nothing but the best as you bring more of the people together.

Alexander Boldyshev
Well, what can I say… It was one of the brightest trips of my life!!! ☺️

Cancun - Mexico - Guadelajara - Tequila - Testla Guerres - San Cristopal - Coast with whales

Canyons, rivers, mountain Chiapas, agave fields and a tequila factory, lakes, cenotes, authentic settlements, hot air balloons, city ruins, Mayan pyramids, whales… 🤯

Anastasia, thank you so much for this adventure! For a unique individual tour, for working out the route, for maximum involvement and attention to every detail. This trip is something that will be remembered forever. You really managed to fall in love with this wonderful country in a few weeks and made me miss it after leaving. I will definitely be back!! Here are some photos from the trip as a keepsake 🙂

Olga Mazur
Thank you very much Anastasia for the magic tour! It was perfectly organized and for sure I will come back. Highly recommended
Tour Leader
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